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February, 2015

We are currently working with Atelier Brückner on a re-design of the digital experience at The Blue Planet, Copenhagen.

Profile & Skills

YOKE designs interactive and experience driven solutions. We bring computing into exhibitions, presentations and everyday contexts to create new, engaging experiences. A broad range of skills are put to use from first idea to final installation, product or service. We create concepts and ideas, build prototypes, involve users, design interactions and implement technologies and final products.

We work with your brand managers, curators, designers and analysts to ensure that the interactive experience will fit your context.

Our skill set includes software and hardware development for various platforms, graphic design in either static or animated 2D / 3D, and interaction design that focuses on prototyping, spatial design and user involvement.


Featured Projects

Energiens Topmøde

Format Agency / Dansk Energi, 2015

A 32x7 metre construction served as an irregular screen for 3D mapped animations at the annual summit of Dansk Energi 2015.

Conference keynotes and presentations are often boring and visually dull, so the challenge from Format Agency and Dansk Energi was to create a visual and dynamic design theme, that could contain both custom presentations as well as videos and speaker introductions.

A 32x7 metre construction of rectangular panels in different heights and depths are constructed to create an untraditional projection screen. An array of 3D animations are afterwards mapped to match each of the panels individually, thus making the construction come alive in an almost physical and kinetic way.

The Viking Ship Museum

Vikingeskibsmuseet, 2014

The exhibition 'The World in the Viking Age' shows the sea travel, trade and treasure hunting of the 9th century in a new, global perspective.

The Viking Ship Museum wanted to let their visitors experience and interact with the history of sea travel in viking times - a story of ships, people and artefacts travelling great distances from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean Sea and to the Far East.

YOKE presented this story with two installations. In the first room the audience can explore the reach of the sea travellers by interacting with a large, circular world map. In the second room, a world map shows visitors how the exhibited artefacts have travelled across the globe by using LEDs to illuminate the routes.

Post & Tele

Post & Tele Museet, 2013

'Inside The Mobile Phone' is an interactive exhibition at the Post & Tele Museum in Copenhagen that lets the audience interact with the unseen parts of mobile technology in an immersive environment.

The goal was to design an exhibition about mobile technology. The exhibition should include different installations where the museum audience would learn about touch interfaces, cellular networks and sensors present in modern smartphones. The physical space surrounding the installations should feel like an alternate, technological universe.

In collaboration with the Post and Tele Museum, YOKE developed an exhibition concept consisting of three installations: a giant mobile phone split open, a physical networking game, and a wayfinding game. Each installation room has different characteristics so that physical objects, colors and even lightning sets each room apart from the others.

The Ejby Bunker

Bysted / København Befæstning, 2012

The Ejby Bunker is an experience center outside of Copenhagen. The bunker tells the story of one of the biggest military installations in Denmark, 'Vestvolden', as well as the Cold War bunker itself.

The basic concept for the Ejby Bunker was to create several installations that would tell the story of 'Vestvolden' and the hard labour that went into building it, as well as create an uneasy atmosphere of standing on the brink of a nuclear war. The installation should make use of audio, visuals, game elements, and different means of physical tracking.

YOKE developed six interactive installations for the Ejby Bunker. The audience can now experience the making of 'Vestvolden' by either working hard with the shovel or planning at the engineering table. The audience is also invited to take part in a global nuclear crisis, where they are given the opportunity to use diplomacy or military force to protect Copenhagen. Sensors, cameras, dynamic lightning, tablets and touch interfaces are among the instruments used in the creation of the total experience.

Telenor City Attack

Telenor, 2014

An interactive, visual installation where audiences can walk across a map of Denmark whilst triggering musicians presented on surrounding screens. Done in collaboration with No Parking, 1080 Production and Format Agency.

In Telenor's new campaign it's stated that the company's mobile coverage is now the best in Denmark. To prove this they have made an interactive experiment in which a large number of musicians and singers play together through their mobiles from different locations in Denmark. With the tagline "It needs to experienced!" they created the Telenor City Attack tour to let people experience Telenor's excellent coverage up close through an engaging installation.

The installation combines a huge floor screen with four surrounding screens. The floor, on which the guests can walk, shows a map of Denmark with interactive points that will trigger a video of a musician on one of the surrounding screens. Each musician will then play their part of a Danish song "Æblemand". By triggering more points, more musicians will join in hence proving the of Telenor's campaign.


Victoria & Albert Museum, 2009

'Dandelion' is a playful, magical experience in which users can blow the seeds off of a digital dandelion with a seemingly normal hairdryer. 'Dandelion' was created in collaboration with London based agency, Sennep.

In 2009 Sennep and YOKE was invited to be part of the exhibition: Decode - Digital Design Sensations at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. The exhibition was co-curated by the V&A and onedotzero and showcased the latest developments in digital and interactive design.

With an infrared camera, a computer, a hacked hairdryer and a projector, we created the Dandelion. By tracking the position of the hairdryer we were able to manipulate the digital visuals as well as an adaptive soundscape that would react according to the users movements. Since April 2010 the Dandelion has toured the world, visiting countries such as Russia, China and Brazil.

Glass Universe

Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, 2011

The 'Glass Universe' is a physical and digital exploration of glass as material, as art and as everyday instruments. The exhibition have been brought to life in collaboration with Hans Thyge & Co. and Glasmuseet Ebeltoft.

The glass museum in Ebeltoft owns an impressive amount of glass art but wanted to establish an exhibition where audiences could learn about, touch, feel and manipulate all sorts of glass. Not only should the exhibition include films and genuine glass artifacts, it should also contain interactive installations for users to explore. The concept of the Glass Universe proved to be the answer.

YOKE created sound and lighting design as well as four interactive installations for the Glass Universe exhibition – an interactive glass soundscape, a digital kaleidoscope, talking glass and the crown jewel, the digital Glass Blower. The glass blower lets audiences blow, form and paint glass structures using both physical and multitouch controls. The finished glass objects are then displayed using a 'ghost' screen which has a holographic effect, and can be mailed to users via an in-built email client.

Interactive Projection Mapping

Trailerpark Festival, 2011

An interactive, visual installation where audiences and VJs could work together to create dynamic live visuals for the main stage at Trailerpark Festival. Done in collaboration with Dark Matters and Hvass & Hannibal.

Dark Matters invited us to participate in the development of live visuals for the Trailerpark Festival. The following questions were asked: How is it possible to engage festival audiences during performance? Can live visuals be truly genuine? How will user generated content look alongside the aesthetic choices of a professional VJ?

YOKE contributed with both the tracking feature and the projection mapping. With a Kinect interface and a simpel box, we were able to track hand movements, so that audiences could manipulate various digital effects. Using projected mapping effects upon the laser cut wooden structures, we were able to manipulate the beautiful visuals with stunning lighting and depth effects.


Ordrupgaard, 2014

The Ordrupgaard Museum presents the works of Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and Emile Bernard in the magnificent exhibition 'Dramaet i Arles' (Friction of Ideas). YOKE provided the digital tools in the vivification of both drama and art.

Ordrupgaard wanted to tell the story of the tense drama between Van Gogh, Gauguin and Bernard in Arles in the late 1880s. Furthermore, they wished to invite the audience to experience this drama up close and let them dive into the paintings and the thoughts behind each of them.

YOKE provided a touchscreen-based solution that lets the audience zoom in and examine a variety of the presented paintings (in very high resolutions). To accompany the many paintings the audience can explore the painters' residence and listen to Van Gogh's and Gauguin's letters being read aloud in both Danish and English.


Bjerringbro, 2013

The Grundfos Service & Solution app is a marketing tool used to give both existing and potential customers a glimpse of the many services Grundfos offers.

In 2013 Grundfos launched a new service feature. To promote this, Grundfos wanted a digital tool that could present the new service in an informative, yet also fun and simple, manner. The tool was to be used in presentations, on seminars and conferences, and as a direct sales tool.

Through five animated interactive stories we reveal the core advantages of choosing Grundfos as a service provider. The stories describe the five service areas found in the Grundfos Service Wheel: Installation & Operation, Repair & Maintenance, Spare Parts & Service Kits, Surveillance & Mobility, and Optimisation & Consultancy.



YOKE ApS is a Copenhagen-based design agency that works within the fields of software development, interaction design, digital exhibition design and product development.

YOKE was founded in 2008 by Steffen Winther, Jakob Mandøe Nielsen, Lars Jessen and Jesper Harding.

Since then we have grown. We now employ a fantastic team that consists of interaction and UX designers, software programmers, visual artists, engineers, sound designers and a large network of external collaboration partners.



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