What We Do

We are a design studio with a particular focus on interaction design, experience and exhibition design as well as software development. Working in the intersection between the digital and the analogue techniques, we use the latest technology to move, engage and communicate with visitors. YOKE's portfolio ranges from interactive installations for museums and visitor centres to engaging brand experiences and events.

How We Work

Our concepts experiment and explore the possibilities of technology, always seeking new territories. However, our underlying philosophy is that technology should not steal attention from the stories and the content to be communicated to visitors. In fact, technology is just a tool for communicating the narratives in new and engaging ways.

Our team thinks holistically and conceptually always keeping the user in mind in order to create the best possible communication and experience. We are capable and resourceful innovators and concept developers ready to design, facilitate and manage the processes that ultimately ensure the intended dissemination. Our work approach is best described as an iterative process that covers conceptual sessions, experimentation, prototyping, design thinking, user testing and software production.

Who We Are

Since 2008, we have been building up into a large multidisciplinary team, often collaborating with external team players.

Today YOKE consists of the five partners: Jakob Nielsen Mandøe, Steffen Kirkegaard Winther, Jesper Harding, Lars Jessen and Simon Marxen and an international team of designers, concept developers, project managers, engineers and programmers.